A Simple Plan For Investigating Cannabis

Reasons for Using Medical marijuana

Marijuana has been named over a thousand different ways. From pot, to weed to blunt to Mary Jane. This probably points to its popularity. Any user of this product can testify that it is the best thing that has ever happened after consumption. Leaves, roots, seeds and even the flowers of the plants can be consumed by the user. There are a lot of compounds in marijuana. This is one of the popular drug globally. Cannabis has been used as medicine for many years. Marijuana has been serving as medicine for a very long period of time. They are different forms of medical marijuana that are processed and packaged today and used for different treatment.

Marijuana enhances the feeling of an individual. A user will tell you it gives them a good feeling. The human body is built in such a way as to interact naturally with the compounds found in cannabis. Research has shown that some of the compounds found in marijuana can be found in breast milk.

If one uses marijuana they are likely to feel very hungry. This is not viable at first time when consuming marijuana because you might end up with a big appetite level and end up overeating. This property makes it conducive for the individuals that have an eating disorder like anorexia and other disease like cancer that can make one loose the appetite. Patients with cancer that are under the chemotherapy mostly in cooperate medicinal marijuana to help in elimination of nausea. It can also be used in the treatment of obesity, crohn’s disease and diabetes.

Another advantage that medical marijuana serves is treatment of chronic pain. It makes your life unbearable and you find you cannot enjoy any of the things you would usually enjoy. Surveys have shown that use of marijuana can help make pain manageable. This has not been proven but any user will tell you that it can lessen pain and treat such issues as back pain. Medical marijuana can also be used in easing neuropathic pain.

A good number of people associate mental disorder with marijuana use. Truth be told it can increase anxiety when taken in large amounts by certain people and probably raise the chances of existing mental issues becoming worse but there is no proof of this. There are however circumstances under which cannabis is beneficial such as phobia, depression and schizophrenia. It is healthy for the brain if one uses marijuana as it can be associated with neurogenesis. That noted it can be utilized in parkinson’s and alzheimer’s therapies.

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