Case Study: My Experience With Blogs

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A blog is an informational website or an online journal that displays information in the reverse chronological order that is the last post appears first. Creativity involves creation of new content day in, day out and followed with consistency, not taking forever to post something. Single handled means that individual were the sole proprietors of their work while in multi-author blogs a large number of authors work and professional editing done. Blogging involves the many skills that one needs to run and control a blog. The reason why blogs are created is because it captures every target market from the various genres.

Compared to websites that may be updated after a long while because the information displayed is mostly is the company’s background, profile and necessary details and contacts. The other difference is that it promotes reader engagement. Customers order their product of choice and they are delivered at their places of residence at the shortest time possible. The website also holds information about how to conveniently handle a problem after identifying it. Thus merging luxury and comfort has really taken over in our society. On the other hand there are companies that deal with a wide range of services . Reference, publishing date, author and tags are some of the vital elements that define a blog from a website.

The types of blogging is mostly dependent on the content, that is how its written and delivered too. Micro-blogging, personal, collaborative, aggregated, reverse blogs are just a representative of the wide range of the types of blogs. The authors especially those of high profile are based on a single uniting theme such as technology and politics.

Meaning it uses the efforts of others with the users as the trademark. There are others that are written with typewriters and scanned which are known as typecast, while those that are short with mixed media type are tumble-logs. They document mostly on what goes on with their lives and thus the name personal because it describe your story not anyone else. Then by genre is that it focuses on particular subjects like health, food, lifestyle, political, music among many other categories.

These are just few processes to get your blog up and running. Without passion a blog will be started one minute and the next be a big failure. Market research also on the audience that you need to reach to is also important to be focused on. Thus research too should be done to know which is convenient, affordable and meets your needs as a blogger. A server space is the host required in order for your blog to thrive. This means you need to get creative on the name you set as it should be simple and very catchy for the audience to grasp.

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