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Beautiful Homes You Must Know about

As you go on dreaming about your dream home, it is important to understand that your home will be an expression of your personality, for instance, the way you arrange your furniture, the books on the shelves, the art you buy, the curtains you choose and also the color of the painting you use. The meaning of this is that your home will be as unique as you are. The following are some examples of modern, weird and wonderful homes that can inspire you.

Malibu house is one of the beautiful homes, you should take a look at. Malibu house is a very iconic form which was designed by architect Philip Jon Brown and is located next to Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy.

The Casa Caracol also popularly known as Shell House is a seaside getaway that was built in 1994 primarily for a vacation spot by architect Eduardo Ocampo. This one is interesting because you will learn that it has weird shapes and it has become a local legend in Mexican island.

Another property should be interested to take a look at and can inspire you a lot is the all-star Trek themed properties built by Steve Doman. Steve Doman started the all-star Trek themed properties is a one-bedroom cabin but later added some seven more rooms making them look star-like and very interesting to look at for inspirations.

Another weird feature or home that you are likely to discover about are the shipping container homes. If you are environmentally conscious, then these homes can be very interesting to you and James Whitaker built the first shipping container home in California desert.

There are also undersea homes that you will marvel at especially if you are a person who loves undersea homes. If you love such properties, you can inform the companies that provide these homes, especially where they choose for you the best location and also install the property for you.

Stuart Grant is another amazing architect that you will discover off especially if you visit Scottish Highlands why you discover the Hobbit hole home. It is a small cottage that is cozy and warm anytime you visit here, you can go there and see for yourself.

The Bubble Palace is another beautiful house you should see as it is one of the most expensive residential properties in Europe. If you are a curious person you will learn more about bubble Palace especially now that it contains amphitheater if you are interested in fashion shows, but also you will learn that it has a swimming pool where you can enjoy yourself.

Warsaw-Poland’s Keret house is another weird and interesting home edition look at which serves as a temporary residence and creative space for many artists.